"ProMod"—what does that mean?
ProMod means
  • a unique experience.
  • imagination.
  • real-world experience.
  • deeper learning.
  • critical thinking.
  • smaller classes.
  • communication.
  • adaptability.
  • meaningful peer relationships.
  • collaboration.
  • creativity.
  • connection.
  • 21st century learning.
Okay, but seriously, what is ProMod?
It's a different approach to learning
In ProMod courses we de-emphasize the role of lectures in favor of learning based on projects. These projects are built around the investigation of real-world issues and their related elements. That's where the 'Pro' in ProMod comes from: "project-based".
The project takes center stage in our courses, which means that learning is driven by the needs of the project, not by predetermined lecture topics decided months or years in advance. You go where the questions take you, leading an individualized exploration of the issues at hand.
Project-based study allows a deeper examination of course themes than a standard lecture-based class can permit. And because you direct your own lines of inquiry, the resulting knowledge is more organic and more relevant to your own personal interests.
Success is defined differently for each of us, but 21st century skills are universally sought after in our modern, interconnected world. These skills, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity, are exactly the skills project-based learning will help you develop.
What do actual
ASU students
say about actual ProMods?
"I retained information much easier in ProMod than my other classes"
"the biggest benefit is through building relationships with your peers"
"I'm really glad I took a ProMod class, and I would do it again"
"My peers that I worked with were very enjoyable for the most part and we became like a family"
"My experience with ProMod classes was a unique experience that I think taught me many things that I will remember for a longer amount of time compared to traditional classes"
"the tension of going into college was lifted off of my shoulders a bit and I could rely on my classmates to be able to help me"
"I liked the small class and engaging teaching. The small class meant that each student was given needed attention"
"it's a great transitional tool for high schoolers who are going into their first year college"
"I liked the sense of community and relationship you create with your fellow peers and instructors"
"I loved the real world experience it gave me and the hands on experience"
"Everything was just an amazing experience"
"I feel that it was instrumental in making my first semester at ASU successful"
"I had a great experience learning hands on about real life applications"
"I really enjoyed the size of the class. I do a lot better in smaller classes, so we all had a great relationship with our professors"
"I liked the real-world application that it provided, which made the class much more memorable and interesting"
"I loved my ASU ProMod class it was a wonderful experience and I would recommend everyone take one"
"it was an amazing experience"
"The professors were amazing and really worked with you to get the best of the semester"
"I enjoyed creating a project that helped a population that doesn't normally get help"
"ProMod was just an amazing experience"
"I like that our learning was centered around a research subject (low back pain). It made the information we were learning more relevant to us"
"small class size that are interconnected with several courses allow teams to be more connected rather than having one class to interact"
"a unique experience where school projects have legitimate real-world results"
"I enjoyed having such a small class because everything felt so informal and laid back, yet a great deal of work done at the same time!"
"Project Based Learning really gets students right into the field"
"The best part of the ASU ProMod was the level of effort put in by myself and all of my classmates. It was different than typical group project settings because we all cared about the classes and were able to get to know our classmates and hold each other accountable"
"I enjoyed how the program was centered around building a project for a legitimate problem"
"That our learning was centered around a research subject made the information we were learning more relevant to us"
"I liked the fact that I got to meet my classmates personally and learned to work together to overcome barriers"
"this program has motivated me and helped me keep my grades up when I wasn't the best student in high school"
"I liked the team work aspect and I really liked my actual team"
"I thought that working in group projects more frequently was fun because I was able to work on the way that I participate as a group member, and the way I communicate with the other members of my groups"
"This is definitely something ever student should enroll in at least once. It teaches you the pros & cons of working in groups, how to research reputable sources, & how to apply your project to real-life situations"
"I think that this is a great way to integrate classes and learning. The focus for this semester was fun to learn about and applicable to our future careers"
"I liked how the classes worked with real-life situations. I think I learned more practical skills that will better prepare me for other things I will pursue later in my life"
"I felt a lot closer to my peers in ProMod than any other class i've ever taken"
The eternal question:
single-class or multi-class?

We created ProMod for everyone, and we're rolling out new ProMods as fast as we can make them. Our course offerings change each semester and they vary based on campus, major, and year of study. To make it as easy as possible to find a ProMod that fits into your academic plan, we made two different kinds of ProMod: single-class and multi-class.

A multi-class ProMod is a group of two or three classes that are all built around the same project. Sometimes the classes will be team-taught or have shared meeting times, but not always. These ProMods tend to be linked to specific majors, and they usually include at least one course in your major and one general education requirement. Because everyone in these general studies classes are in the same major the course content can be tailored to that field, and you have the chance to strengthen relationships with peers from your major.
If a multi-class ProMod doesn't fit your schedule or your academic plan, we've still got you covered. Our single-class ProMods are designed for flexibility. These courses are still built around projects, but are usually classes that aren't major-specific. They can be plugged into your schedule in place of a regular class. For example, if your major map requires English 102, you can simply sign up for the ProMod version of ENG 102 instead of the standard version.